Tomorrow Starts Election 2022…….Petitions are AVAILABLE Then

The Knox County Election Commission doors swing open tomorrow December 20, 2021 at 8 am. The difference tomorrow versus any other Monday is that petitions for ALL the local (county) offices up in 2022 are available for the Republican and Democrat Primaries on May 3, 2022.

Qualifying Petitions are due at NOON on February 17, 2022. The withdrawal deadline is NOON at February 24. Early Voting is April 13 – 28. 


Knox County Offices on the Ballot with the known candidates are. I will update if other candidates come out to challenge or run. 


Knox County Circuit Court

Judge Division I – Jerome Melson

Judge Division II – Bill Ailor

Judge Division III – Deborah Stevens

Judge Division IV – Greg McMillan

Knox County Chancery Court

Chancellor Division I – John Weaver

Chancellor Division II – Clarence Eddie Pridemore, Jr with Challengers Deno Cole and Richard Armstrong

Chancellor Division III – Christopher Heagerty

Knox County Criminal Court

Judge Division I – Steven Sword

Judge Division II – Kyle Hixson

Judge Division III – Scott Green

District Attorney General – Charme Allen

Public Defender – Eric Lutton

County Mayor – Glenn Jacobs

Knox County Commission

District 3 – Gina Oster, James Corcoran (Incumbent Randy Smith is term limited) 

District 7 – Rhonda Lee, Charles Severance (Incumbent Charles Busler is term limited) 

Seat 10 – Christine Cruz, Incumbent Larsen Jay

Seat 11 – Devin Driscoll, Kim Frazier (incumbent Justin Biggs is NOT seeking re-election) Democrat Vivian Underwood Shipe

Trustee – at Large Commissioner Justin Biggs (incumbent Ed Shouse is term limited) 


Knox County General Sessions Court

Judge Division One –  Chuck Cerny

Judge Division Two –  Judd Davis, Sharon Frankenberg Democrat Sarah Keith (Retired Judge Geoff Emery left on 12/31/2021) 

Judge Division Three – Patricia Hall Long 

Judge Division Four – Andrew Jackson, VI

Judge Division Five – Incumbent Judge Tony Stansberry, Challenger Steve Weiner

Knox County Juvenile Court

Judge – Tim Irwin

Sheriff – Former Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones and Current Sheriff Tom Spangler

Circuit Court ClerkCharles Susano

Criminal Court Clerk – Mike Hammond

County Clerk – Sherry Witt

Register of DeedsNick McBride

Knox County School Board are now Partisan (once again from the 1990’s) 

Board of Education, District 1 – Evetty Satterfield

Board of Education, District 4 – (Virginia Babb is not seeking re-election)

Board of Education, District 6 – Betsy Henderson

Board of Education, District 7 – Sherri Garrett, Steve Tripplett, Cameron Ward (Patti Bounds is not seeking re-election) 

Board of Education, District 9 – Kristi Kristy and Phil King

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  1. Billy says:

    Since Farragut went nonpartisan. is the filing deadline later?