Dry Hollow Community Stepped UP and Corrected the Wrongs Created by Thunder Mountain Properties, LLC

Another story on the Dry Hollow Community and the Thunder Mountain Properties, LLC 255 proposed units on 150+/- acres, 88+/- of the acres are not suitable for building due to the hillside/slope protection area.

On April 23, the Dry Hollow Community got together to fix the wrongs that Thunder Mountain Properties, LLC created as they cleared their property. TMP took down a chain link fence on Dry Hollow Community members Speedy and Tammy’s property that kept their family dogs in. TMP also took down a redbud tree that was Speedy’s Moms Memorial Tree. Fortunately on the day TMP tore down the fence the dogs were in the house, had they not been in the house, the dogs may have run off due to the noise of the machinery, the dogs could have gotten hit and killed or they may have gotten lost and never returned. This does not appear to be the actions of a company wanting to be a new good neighbor.

Speedy and Tammy explaining how they discovered the fence and tree had been removed after they got home, here

Speedy and Tammy saying thank you to the Dry Hollow Community for restoring and replacing the fence and redbud tree, here.

Dylan Earley, an activist in and of the Dry Hollow Community briefly talked here after the April 23, Community Gathering. Earley is a candidate for Knox County Commission at Large Seat 10 on August 4, 2022 Early Voting July 15-30.

the pictures and videos were given to me by Dawn Close a member of the Dry Hollow Community.

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