What Do The Teachers Think About the 2012 School Board Candidates?

The KCEA (Knox County Education Association) the representative group for the teachers in the classroom will be announcing their choice for the contested School Board races this evening or tomorrow. Who do they support? Of the four races, they are endorsing in two races and leaving the other two up to the voters. 

In District Two, Former School Board Chair Indya Kincannon and current Vice Chair is unopposed and the KCEA say YES, Vote for Indya!

In District Three, there are three candidates. Bobby Edington, Doug Harris and Gina Oster. After interviewing the three candidates. The KCEA say YES, Vote for Gina Oster

In District Five, there are two candidates. Eight year and former School Board Chair Karen Carson and former County Commissioner Elaine Davis. The KCEA says there is no endorsement. This is an endorsement of Davis in my opinion. In 2008, when Carson was running for her first re-election she was endorsed by KCEA and proudly proclaimed it. This year’s non endorsement is a statement that Carson has not been supportive of teachers and public education. 

In District Eight, there are two candidates. 18 month incumbent Mike McMillan and Husband, Father and Small Business Owner Conley Underwood. The KCEA says there is no endorsement. So, while McMillan proclaims that he is the only board member with classroom experience, he says over 30 years of classroom experience. What the very body that he once belonged to says is that in his 18 months of service on the school board he has not earned the respect and support of the teacher organization. 

So, Carson has lost the respect of the organization and McMillan has not earned it. If you care about public education, listen to the front army soldiers. They know who best can move the district forward with real results. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All you need to know about Karen Carson is right smack here:


    It takes a 24 ACT score to get into UT. So currently NO school in Knox County has an ACT average score to get into UT. Not Farragut, Bearden, or Hardin Valley. Not a single school in the system.

    Read it and weep taxpayers and parents:


    Brian, let these folks know about the school board disaster.

    The teachers know about Karen Carson. Eight years and ACT scores went down 1.5 points.