Breaking News: Blount County Democrat State House Candidate Faces Assault Charges

A BrianHornback.Com exclusive (until every other media read it here and claim it as if they found it) Blount County Democrat candidate for TN State House District 8 Dylan Kelley is accused of domestic assault and withholding a cell phone from the victim last Wednesday June 15, 2022.

In the record obtained by BrianHornback.Com Kelley admits to the incident that allegedly occurred in a vehicle traveling on Alcoa Highway in Alcoa, TN (Blount County)

Kelley is unopposed in the August 4, 2022 Democrat Primary. The current Republican State Representative Jerome Moon is unopposed in the Republican Primary. They are set to face one another in November 2022 General Election.

I sent Mr. Kelley an email for a response yesterday, I do not have a phone number. He has not responded as of publication.

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