Bredesen Will Raise Taxes on Gas in Second Term. Bredesen Out of Touch with Tennessee

This from this mornings Knoxville News-Sentinel. Here are a few clips and my commentary on them.

Gov. Phil Bredesen made Knoxville one of his first official stops Tuesday in kicking off his statewide re-election campaign, pledging firmly his opposition to an income tax, but “leaving open” other tax avenues, such as levies on cigarettes and gasoline.

That is just what we need more tax on gasoline. I wonder what the poster boy, Harold Ford, Jr. thinks about raising gas prices, since Jr. is running commercials about gas prices. Bredesen is a tax and spender. This has happened before, no taxes in the first term, get re-elected and then proposing an income tax. Phil Bredesen, out of touch with Tennessee, out of touch with Tennesseans, out of touch, Phil.

He said, “We had to take painful steps with TennCare, but there is no sense kicking that can down the road.” Bredesen said he has balanced four consecutive budgets with “no new taxes. Our rainy-day fund is at its highest level.”

Bredesen wants to avoid the issue on TennCare, because he promised to “fix” TennCare because he was the Healthcare manager/guru and could and would fix it. His fix was to do nothing for two years and then kick off thousands of enrollees and to gut the benefits. So, of course he believes “there is no sense kicking that can” According to Bredesen we will deplete the rainy day fund, to make him look like a good manager. A rainy day fund is nothing more than the state government taking more of your money for something they didn’t need,. Why does Bredesen do that? Because Bredesen can.

He said that in a second administration he wanted to “let every child whose parents want them in a pre-K to be able to go.” He said pre-K gives children social skills and allows for early intervention if a child exhibits health difficulties or mental problems.

Bredesen needs to correct the inflated graduation rates, improve test scores and bring accountability to the statewide k-12 programs before creating a program that will be part of the same ole broken statewide education program.

When you look at the 95 counties in regards to public education in this state, There are islands of excellence in a sea of mediocrity.

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3 Responses

  1. Steve Mule says:

    We need another Gov. Sondquist! A real leader to fix TennCare!


  2. When Sundquist proposed the income tax, I fought him every step of the way. Unlike you, when I disgree with the ideas and ideals of a Republican I challenge them.

    From the past, I detect that you (whom are a self described liberal deaniac) never disagree with the members of your party. Let’s get back to Bredesen. You can defend him and his record all you want, but, here is what you are defending. This will surely make you feel good about your candidate.

    1) Inflating the High School Graduation rates.

    2) A rise in the unemployment numbers statewide, while America has experienced a decline.

    3) The Deputy Governor operating a vehicle recklessly on the Tennessee interstate system, potentially harming the citizens of the state and the tourist passing through

    4) Trooper gate = positions for the politically connected

    5) State employees purchasing state surplus items in violation of the state law.

    6) Shredding sexual harassment documents in the governors office to cover up for a state department head (how would you have felt had it been your daughter, sister, wife or mother)

    7) TennCare

    8) Comprising a record of political contributions given by a trooper and then placing it in his personnel file

    9) Accepting and receiving illegal campaign contributions and only giving them back after the media reported it (Cocke County)

    10) TN Waltz: Members of his leadership and party to accept bribes for influential peddling.

    11) Proposing an increase in the gas tax (6-6-2006 re-election announcement in Knoxville and reported in the 6-7-2006 Knoxville News-Sentinel)

    This list will continue to grow and I will add to it as we approach November 2006.

    Phil Bredesen Wrong on the Issues, Wrong For Tennessee.

  3. Brian –

    Bredesen must feel ten feet tall and bulletproof to admit that he wants to put the needle to Tennesseans at a time when the middle class is paying more for gas than they ever have and the State of Tennessee has a massive surplus.

    Bredesen – just another tax-and-spend liberal pushing a socialist agenda.