Brian’s Blog Sought Clarification On Concern About The Term Limit Lawsuit

I have been concerned since filing this post on Monday May 22, 2006 about the comments made by Sam Anderson at the workshop of the same evening.

He also said that “I am not going to be used like Diane Jordan has been used on this.”

After my intial concern for Mr. Anderson’s comments and reviewing the re-broadcast. The purpose in reviewing a re-broadcast of the workshop, was to gain a total comprehension of the concern of Mr. Anderson. It appears Mr. Anderson’s concern is that Mrs. Jordan’s name appears on the response, thus becoming “The Jordan case”

My initial question was, the same as Mr. Anderson’s; Is her name listed first because she is a woman or because she is African – American?

In checking with one of my sources, very close to the case. The answer is that the order of the five are listed in the district order that they represent.

District 1 Commissioner Diane Jordan

District 2 Commissioner David Collins
District 2 Commissioner Billy Tindell
District 4 Commissioner Phil Guthe
District 5 Commissioner John Griess

Thus, in the response the first name listed is the case title. No intended foul, No intended harm. Certainly, had Commissioner Jordan not been a party to the lawsuit and Commissioner Collins were the first district and name listed, his name would have appeared on the responses.

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