Knox County Commission to Appoint Two New Members to Knox County Merit System Board for Sheriff’s Employees

At tomorrow’s Knox County Commission Work Session, Commissioners will likely hear from the 7 (seven) applicants that have applied for two of the seven seats on the Knox County Merit System Board (formerly Council) for Sheriffs Employees. You can review the Resumes of these folks, here.

The Seven applicants for two Commission spots (one spot is a two year term and the other a three year term, leave it to bureaucrats to make it confusing to Joe 6pack) are;

Bert Benedict

Michael A. Crichton

De’Ossie D. Dingus (has interviewed before)

Carl Dennis Ford

Christopher Manning (has interviewed before)

Steve Weiner (has interviewed for Board of Health Citizen Representative and only missed that service by one vote)

Darryl Whitehead (has interviewed before)

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs has appointed the three Mayoral appointees to the seven member board, they are Kenny Boatman, Lindsay Willis and Clarance Vaughan.

Attorney Gary Prince speaking to the Merit System Council earlier this year

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