Karns and Seymour is Getting $$$, While East Knox County, North Knox County (Halls, Gibbs, Corryton) and West Knox County are Getting NOTHING in FREE Government Welfare Handouts

The Knox County Commission in Work Session tonight discussed giving $218,419.88 to Knox County Rescue (which is county-wide) I support that. My family appreciates Knox County Rescue’s help in a family situational emergency accident in September 2008 (while I was in Louisville, KY and got home quickly) . Former Chief Russ Frazier is one in a Million of Millions having led the organization for a very long time.

However, Seymour Volunteer Fire Department $102,825.30 and Karns Volunteer Fire Department is receiving $218,419.88 (Karns and Hardin Valley). Karns Volunteer Fire Department have subscribers helping carrying the load. Seymour Volunteer Fire Department DOES NOT, which is a free welfare handout to South Knox County.

Those of us in Halls, Gibbs, Corryton, Skaggston, Ritta, Sunnyview, Thorngrove, Riverdale, Ramsey, Bluegrass, Concord (any community NOT in Knoxville) including Farragut and have Rural Metro Fire and potentially ambulance subscription . We subscribe, if property owner doesn’t the subscription the, insurance company must pay the fire protection in the event of an incident and are NOT a subscriber, that comes out of your insurance settlement, if I am not mistaken. NO GOVERNMENT HANDOUT FOR US!

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