Follow-up on a Post From Last Night… on $$$ to Select First Responder Agencies in Knox County

Last night, I posted this about the Knox County Commission Work Session and a discussion and probable vote this coming Monday to give Knox County tax dollars to Knox County Rescue, Seymour Volunteer Fire and Karns Fire Department.

I talked with an individual today about the Karns Fire Department and their model is very much like Rural Metro. If you are a subscriber and have an incident, Karns will come fight your fire and you are covered. If you have a fire, medical emergency or something and they come to you property and assist and you are not a member, you get a bill. Insurance companies normally pay $500 although some will pay nothing, so the property owner is stuck with a bill and will have to deal with making it up somewhere else.

Karns Fire Department, I am told have employees, similar to Rural Metro. So, now my question is if Rural Metro is being paid nothing, Karns Fire Department should not be paid anything, that is my opinion. You are welcome to not like or accept my opinion. You are welcome to appreciate and take my opinion as your own.

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