Rest Well and Kick Up Gold dust as You Dance on the Streets of Heaven, Mr. Davenport

When i learned my friend Charles Davenport had passed, I was sad but also happy for him. A loyal fan of Southern Gospel music. Mr. Davenport knew where he was going to spend eternity.

He was an Educator, a Librarian, a loyal Republican. Many times when Mr. Davenport and I would have lunch, his unique ordering of his iced tea surely stressed out our waiter/waitress. But by the end of lunch, I am confident his tea was perfect. He had created it with a lot of ice to begin with. Like Mr. Davenport, a little of this, a little of that along with time, and attention by Mr. Davenport’s care he had his tea just as he wanted it.

Last evening October 6, was the receiving of friends and funeral service. Today October 7 at 11 am Mr. Davenport will be laid to rest at Lynnhurst Cemetery.

The obituary here stated, Charles will always be remembered as “a teacher of children and a builder of libraries.” He was that, but he was so much more. My memories of my friend, his distinct voice and his inflections will make me smile in the days ahead. I hope Mr. Davenport along with Vestal and Howard Goodmam of The Happy Goodman Family are singing and kicking up gold dust on the streets of gold.

Rest Well Sir, you deserve it.

I borrowed a few photos from the online obituary that for me captured the Mr. Davenport I knew.

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