November 1 Kicks Off Two Months of Holidays – Welcome Knox County Commissioner Rhonda Lee

Today is November 1, this begins the Holiday Season. First we have Veterans Day on November 11, Thanksgiving on November 25, Hanukkah December 18 – 26, Festivus December 23 and Christmas December 25.

Every year, I offer a reduced price (a Black Friday deal, if you will) for folks that want to be featured and wish all readers of The Mega Bullhorn of Truth a Happy Holidays.

Knox County Commissioner 7th District Rhonda Lee (Powell, Heiskell and Halls) is the 2022 inaugural Holiday ad. Thank YOU, Commissioner Lee! Follow Commissioner Lee on Facebook, here. If you are a constituent and need to reach her, the contact is here.

If you are interested in my Black Friday/Holiday deal, drop an email to the address over on advertise here ad or message me on any of my social media messaging.

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