Knoxville, Tennessee November 16, 2022
Building upon the successes of the past nearly three years and, after numerous discussions with supporters, friends and family, Mayor Indya Kincannon will seek re-election to a second term as Knoxville’s Mayor.

“Despite the unprecedented challenges that a global pandemic presented just three months after I took office, I am so proud of everything we’ve accomplished together during my first term: prioritizing public & community safety with new KPD leadership and a 21st Century, comprehensive strategy for keeping Knoxville safe; tens of millions of dollars in affordable housing investment; broad-based, inclusive economic development, including over 2,000 new jobs; significant new investments in green energy and infrastructure, including municipal broadband access for thousands of underserved Knoxvillians,” says Mayor Kincannon.

The campaign will be holding its official re-election kick off event on Thursday, November 17 from 6-8PM at The Standard, 416 West Jackson Avenue, Knoxville TN 37902.

Mayor Kincannon continues, “Although I’m incredibly proud of what my administration has delivered for Knoxville thus far, I’m running for a second term because there is still much work to be done. Together we can continue to build a city that works for ALL Knoxvillians, one that is well positioned for the boundless future growth and innovation I know we’re capable of. We’ve made meaningful progress, but I believe there is more I can give to this critical effort. It is with profound gratitude and excitement that I look forward to earning the privilege of another term as Knoxville’s Mayor.”

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