Equal Time On Community Television, Now On The World Wide Web

I discovered today that Knoxville’s Community Television Channel 12 has a website. It is located here. The Great thing I found is the Equal Time page. For those of us that have been around a few years, every candidate is given 5 minutes to make a statement to the voters through Community Television’s airwaves. Now its on the world wide web. Today, you don’t have to watch the same 6 5 minutes to see the one you want to see that you missed beacuse you dozed off into a nap. Here is the link, to watch the ones, you want.

Great job David Vogel and Community Channel 12 staff.

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2 Responses

  1. Steve Mule says:

    Mr. Hornback,
    Thanks for pointing this out! Kudo’s to David Vogel and the Channel 12 staff!


  2. Thanks SteveMule. I think this is great. I didn’t discover it till I was looking for something else. I didn’t realize that CTV has a website. Of course they are non-profit and there is not much in the budget for advertising and promotions.

    BTW, David Vogel has always been a gentleman to me. I think he is one of the best in our community at what he does, and it never gets recognized for it. He just does his job and does it well.

    Somebody other than a local blogger like me ought to do something to recogize David for his work.