BrianHornbackdotCom Saves Knox County Tax Payers!

Last night the Knox County School Board removed the Architect design contract and the amendment to the August 2022 sales contract on the Scott Brothers (Tim and Todd) land purchase contract. The sale has not been closed.

There are many issues with the August 2022 contract which was approved by the School Board and Commission (at the time) (Trustee Justin Biggs, a Commissioner in August 2022 was not at the meeting due to a family health issue)

Read my story from 12/5/2022 here

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After BrianHornbackdotcom brought it to the public debate. I received numerous comments/messages from realtors, citizens and government officials amazed that due diligence and public debate was lost on the first vote in August.

This property being so close to the Loudon County line even had the attention of folks in Loudon and how traffic and infrastructure could negatively impact them.

In all the years of BrianHornbackdotcom (8/9/2004) I have impacted many things but rarely take the credit for it. This one I will, whether others acknowledge it or not.

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