Is it Just a $5 Sandwich? Was it a First Job for a 15 year old African American Girl? Could It Be Both?

This morning WATE political pundits continued the fallout from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office anf three KCSO employees at the McAlister’s on Schaad Road incident. All of this resulting in Aniya Thompson losing her first job.

Imagine the surprise when Knox County Ethics Committee Chair Michael Covington started off his views about the incident with this.

If someone were to file an ethics complaint on the KCSO employees, the PIO or anyone else. What would the outcome be? Is there any use when the Ethics Chair Covington has already tried and ruled the verdict as much ado about nothing.

If Knox County Commissioner Dr. Dasha Lundy or the Knox County Commissioner who should represent “her” constituent Ms. Aniya Thompson (I am going from an unconfirmed information on the district and Commissioner tepresented by Ms. Thompson, But in 3 years Aniya can VOTE and quite possibly be a candidate for election)

Knox Sheriff Tom Spangler or employees of the department have not appeared at the last two Knox County Commission meetings. I have learned from an unconfirmed source that at Tuesday’s work session the Sheriff was at a conference/meeting in Las Vegas.

According to the email Commissioner Dr. Lundy read at last weeks work seasion, the Sheriff wants to discuss this in private with Commissioner Dr. Lundy. How long will he stay away from Commission?

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