When Will They Learn?

Randy Guignard is a good man! I have gotten to know him over the last several years. I did not get to know him as a businessman (he owns Four Seasons, Inc an HVAC company) however, his passion has become the company Zenith Homes, LLC and he has spent the last several years building homes. He has built high quality homes on what, I define as properties and communities that need some new construction and new life. New construction in old neighborhoods is what I believe is exactly what President Ronald Reagan meant when he said “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Guignard saw something in property off Beverly Road in North Knoxville that NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE (my opinion, feel free to make it your own) saw. Because when he first proposed a development on this property, planners and elected officials were scratching their heads. Guignard modified his plan to what the planners said had to be done to the propsal and he came back. After the planners and officials spent time with his “renewed, modified” vision, they realized “the housing crisis” needed Guignard and the Preserve at Whites Creek.

Guignard got approval by Knox Planning twice and Knox County Commission once. Now I am told that the NIMBY’s (Not In My Backyard) (my opinion again) are going to court in an effort to maybe stall or maybe think Guignard will stop due to court/attorney cost (my guess).

My hope is Guignard doesn’t cave in. Knoxville and Knox County need Randy Guignard and The Preserve at Whites Creek (my opinion)

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