Center of the Storm Practicing Principled Leadership in Times of Crisis

I have just completed the 2002 published book by my favorite public
servant. If you have an opinion of her without knowing her background,
you really need to read the book. I had no idea that Wes King, Christian
songwriter and performer is her brother-in-law, her grandfather is Ben Hill

This book written as her carrear was ending as Secretary of State and details
how she survived the barrage of negative press and late night comedians and their constant mocking of her simply applying the letter to the law.

This book is filled with historical figures and events, quotations (which I love) and her own Christian ideals and principles. You will come away with a positive view of Congresswoman Harris.

Here 12 principles are:

Know What You Believe,
Remember Your Raising,
Stick To Your Guns,
Finish What You Start,
Do What Is Right – And The Future Will Take Care Of Itself,
Feed Your Mind,
It Is Amazing What you Can Accomplish If You Don’t Care Who Receives The Credit,
Embrace The Differences,
Resist The Tyranny of the Urgent,
Be Broken, Be Bitter or Be Better,
Act and Risk Enmity; To Remain Popular, Do Nothing and
Unstring Your Bow

This is an excellent book to put beside John Maxwell, Stephen Covey. It falls into the leadership/management category. It was definitely well worth my time and will help you.

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