Yours, Mine, Ours

The movie Yours, Mine, Ours is an excellent story. The story revolves around a father of 8 that has found himself as a single father, a mother of 10 that finds herself as a single mother. They met after the father has relocated his children for their many different moves. His is a naval officer.

He then runs into the mother of 10, a former high school sweetheart. They combine the families, the 8 military kids are used to an orderly life, the 10 are used to a free for all style of life. They mixture is comical.

The kid’s team together to separate the parents so the families can return to their normal life. They succeed to realize that they erred, and then set out to correct their mistake.

The family is put back together. The setting of the movie is a lighthouse home and is a beautiful setting. The story itself is a feel good story but the message can have a deeper meaning about how to bring about diverse personalities and merge them into one workable team.

Regular readers of Brian’s Blog will recognize that I am always looking for management/leadership stories, teamwork analogies to share in the many different opportunities that I have to share with the many different groups and presentations that I make. This is one that will be incorporated into my portfolio.

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