Why Does One of the Elected’s in My Party Have to Avoid Simple Questions?

Since taking office as the freshman TN District Five Congressman Andy Ogles has been plagued with questions primarily from Phil Williams of News Channel 5. Ogles has perfected the skill of walking and acting as if no one is near him, while Williams is asking him questions. Whether it is in the airport or leaving a public event.

The issues are in part, Ogles claim of a degree in economics, his work in law enforcement investigating sex trafficking, here. Ogles actual college transcript, here. Now, it has been discovered that he established a GoFundMe years ago using a stillborn baby photograph, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and the memorial has never been accomplished , here and yet he refuses to utter a word.

Ogles a former employee of AFP-TN (American For Prosperity – TN), former Maury County Mayor. He needs to come clean and explain it all.

picture source: News Channel 5 of the white haired gentleman Phil Williams asking Ogles questions as Ogles avoids the obvious.

TN Governor Bill Lee answered the question of his high school yearbook picture, although he could have, should have answered it differently, in my humble opinion.

TN Lt. Governor Randy McNally answered his social media activities, could have, should have answered it differently, in my humble opinion.

So, Ogles needs to learn the more he runs, the more he dodges, the more he avoids. Perception will become Reality and if anyone in Nashville has/is paying attention. They know Phil Williams is not going away.

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