El Tequila Halls Has It!

Reports this morning are that there was an incident in the parking lot at the Halls Crossroads El Tequila Bar and Grill. Well its the parking lot shared with Ace Hardware, Arbys and several businesses.

The Knox County Beer Board talked about El Tequila in December 2022, here January 2023, here February 2023 here and April 2023 here.

El Tequila lost their beer license for 90 days in 2023. At the January meeting for 30 days, at the February 2023 meeting for 60 days. They received the beer license back in mid April. El Tequila never lost their liquor license from the State of Tennessee ABC during this time.

Knox County Sheriffs Office has cited 31 calls into 911 from this parking lot. fights, sexual assault among other complaints. However, KCSO has never cited the bar for underage sale and/or consumption.

So El Tequila will likely be back to the beer board again following last nights event in the parking lot. The pics below are from the El Tequila Facebook page here about last night.

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