Belltown Will Answer the Bell Today, Should Be Moving Dirt Tomorrow

As I recall when Metro Planning Commission aka Knox Planning approved Belltown, a multi family, community development. It was done.

As I recall when Knox County Commission approved Belltown after Planning Commission approved it with nearly a dozen conditions. It was said that it was done, as long as Smithbilt complied with the conditions, they would not be back.

So last week when I saw it was back on plannings agenda, I thought WTF?

I would guess a bureaucrat two, three or more wanted Josh Sanderson back. So, Sanderson will be back today.

As I understand it, they are ready to turn dirt and maybe as early as tomorrow, Friday May 12 the first turn will occur.

It will take a decade to build out Belltown, when completed I have read it will have a larger population of Jacksboro. If you dont know where and what Jacksboro is, you ain’t from around here.

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