“Commissioner Litter” Sure Has a Mess of litter at South Knox County’s Bower Field, Commissioner Carson Dailey Getting a Volunteer Coach Called OUT!

Over on the Facebook page “South Knoxville Speaks Out” we learn that a Volunteer Coach was dismissed from the Bower Athletic Association as a 12U Coach. The Coach had been with the association for 5 years. The accusation is that the Coach sent a two page letter with about 3 dozen pictures of the inexplicable conditions of the condition of the facilities at Knox County’s Bower Field. Here is the lease agreement from April 2022 that Knox County Commission passed and pledged to maintain Bower Field.

In a text message Commissioner Carson Dailey of South Knox County admitted to having the Coach removed. Dailey is term limited and the Republican Primary is March 2024.

Maybe Dailey can get a trailer over on Government Farm Road attach it to a truck and go load the litter up and haul it over to Knox County’s Waste Collection Center.

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