The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

I have just finished reading the book The Traveler’s Gift. This is a MUST read, especially if you are at a crossroads with your family, in your work or with your life’s direction.

The main character is David Ponder. David has had an unexpected life change, everything is coming apart, it seems and David can’t determine why he is here. He goes back in time and visits with 7 historical figures at critical moments in these 7 peoples lives.

As the book draws to a close David captures a vision of the future, before being re-united with his wife Ellen and daughter Jenny.

I have changed the preferences on my profile to identify this book as a favorite. This will be a recommendation of mine and may well be material for when I speak to groups, especially young people. I will be giving this copy to my teenage son.

Have a Blessed Sunday.

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