Choto Landing is a No Go…. Now, About The Schools!

The group wanting to building 55 plus town homes east of Choto Road along S. Northshore Drive have withdrawn the application. Obviously, recognizing that the development and it’s future residents would not be welcomed, they have moved on.

Remember, back when Knox County and Knox County Schools had a sales contract on land off McFee Road in a deal bad for the taxpayers, after I exposed it here, here. Knox County walked away and NOW the Town of Farragut will buy it.

The population needing a Elementary and Middle School are the students in the Choto, S. Northshore Drive area.

Over 40 acres have been identified to me by unnamed real estate professionals and Knox County officials with the task of obtaining property. It is the ”Harvey farm” located at the intersection of S. Northshore and Harvey road.

the ”Harvey farm” at Harvey Road and S. Northshore Drive

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