Daniel Watson is RUNNING…. but not for Office

a week ago today on 11/2/2023 at the NAACP Town Hall, I was talking to Constance Every of Sleeves for Needs as Knox County School Board Member Daniel Watson was leaving the Beck Cultural Center, i asked him “are you running” for re-election to the Knox County School Board in 2024 (I meant) he said “call me” and literally ran out of the Beck Cultural Event Center. I looked at Every and said well he is running… I did not call when I can talk to him face to face.

Apparently on Monday 11/6/2023 afternoon, he told his school board colleagues in Executive Session (not open to the public and press) he is/was not seeking re-election (running) in 2024.

Then when the School Board met tonight on Thursday 11/9/2023 to consider the Knox Prepatory School contract (charter school), School Board Member Mike McMillan was absent. I am told (maybe wrongly) that Daniel Watson ran from the meeting tonight. With two members missing it gave only 7 NOT 9 voting members. When a member passed, the contract failed for lack of a majority vote (it takes 5 in favor to pass anything) to pass the contract. So in December the contract will live to fight again. Moving from Good to Great Blog Material.

Daniel Watson, Knox County School Board Member

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