Knox County Schools and the Town of Farragut School Solution?

The Knox County School Board bought property on Boring Road on October 4, 2023 from Real Estate Developer Doug Horne for a “Farragut School Solution”, before October and November it was a “Southwest Knox County School Solution”. It became a Town of Farragut Solution somehow.

The Knox County School Administration held three information, listening sessions since Thanksgiving. I did not attend the first two, only the last one. When some parent leaders presented an alternative proposal, instead of listening, Dr. Garfield Adams began immediately telling the crowd why it could not happen.

The system through Dr. Garfield Adams, Doug Shover the Director of Facilities and New Construction and Ryan Dillingham Director of Transportation are hanging their hats on a feasibility study from 2021 that said not to build on the existing buildings. Adams said the facility study was completed by an architect firm. Of course, an architect firm wants new construction, it is not as difficult and the make more money off new construction, in my opinion and experience as a School Board Member.

Watch the presentation of the three options here.

Watch the Q&A which includes the community alternative presentation that was shot down by Adams, here.

Adams said that “they walked away from land earlier” that is contrary to what the property owner told the Town of Farragut here on October 26, 2023.

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