Governor Phil Bredesen – Lacks Real Leadership

This morning the Knoxville News-Sentinel is reporting that Ethics Committee that was Bredesen’s brainchild can not make a decision. Bredesen now announces that the idea of a special session to deal with ethics this fall is not likely.

Bredesen acts with speed when he can control the liberal outcome. For example; Ophelia Ford’s election to her brother under house arrest indicted former State Senator John Ford. He is also the uncle of Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate Harold Ford, Jr. and remember Jr.’s dad was caught up in the checking scandal that hit Congress several years ago.

Back to Bredesen’s lack of leadership.

When it comes to naming an election for Bradley, Meigs and Polk County for the replacement of State Representative Chris Newton, Bredesen drags his feet for nearly 6 weeks. When it comes to making real change with the legislature and cleaning up the Democrat mess that is Nashville. He appoints a committee and deadlocks it without one intent of making real change.

Bredesen the laziest manager, Governor the state has ever seen.

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