Nelson v Rep. Jones – Davidson County Election Commission and Rep. Mitchell v Webb

On Thursday May 2, 2024, the Metro Nashville and Davidson County Election Commission met for over six hours and I watched it here from the YouTube of the the Metro Nashville Network page. Now I am a TN Republican Party State Executive Committeeman in District 6 (part of Knox County, TN) When it comes to elections, I vote Republican as I have since November 6, 1984 (to my haters with your claims that I am a RINO or anything else, yoou can kiss my — or ______) I have been involved in Republican elections since November 2, 1982 with the Rep. Robin Beard for U.S. Senate. Beard was the 1982 challenger to then Sen. Jim Sasser.

Laura Nelson, the Republican candidate for TN House District 52 challenged Democrat Rep. Justin Jones of TN House District 52 and the signatures on Rep. Jones nominating petition. Rep. Jones came on Thursday night with 10 affidavits of the potential 10 signatures. Nelson reduced her challenge to three signatures. Jones was able to get one of the those three to testify via facetime from a phone to the Election Commission.

First, Rep. Jones wants to see TN Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton as the man behind the curtain of TN Secretary of State Tre Hargett and TN Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins for everything. I have known Speaker Sexton personally since 1998, while he may disagree with Jones tactics in the State House, I am confident that Speaker Sexton is not directing Hargett and Goins. I have known Secretary of State Hargett since his days as a Representative in the State House of Representatives, he can not in his position (even though the State House appoints him) be controlled. I have known Mark Goins from his Campbell County days. He too can not be told in his position from the Speaker, the Secretary of State what to do. Call me idealistic, Call me what you will. I’ve known all three of these men for many years and I will vouch for them. I don’t do that with others that I know and have known. I do not even do that with ones, that I am in the same church with.

Now, to the proceedings of Nelson -v- Rep. Jones themselves. It took me back (maybe a little PTSD) to 2013-2015, in 2013 I was subjected to Kuhlman -v- Hornback a lawsuit from then (2013) Knox County Republican Party Chairman to myself for two blog posts. In my defense response I had multiple affidavits (including other exhibits) stating that what I reported to be true was true. Ultimately, on September 11, 2015 I was granted a Summary Judgement from the Judge hearing the matter. Truth is Truth, it will Prevail as it did for me in 2015 after two years of angst, stress and all the other things that come with it.

The Metro Nashville Davidson County Election Commission had a second hearing, Democrat Rep. Bo Mitchell (represented by an Attorney) contesting Republican candidate Metro Nashville Council Member Jennifer Frensley Webb. Ultimately, in a divided board meeting, some names were accepted, some tossed, a few that hadn’t been counted, were accepted. Ultimately, Mitchell’s Attorney threatened to take one person to the District Attorney for signing for their adult child. It is more than six hour meeting, but you can watch it all here.

The next day, Friday May 3, 2024 the Metro Nashville Davidson County Election Commission met for less than 35 minutes to set the August 1, 2024 ballot, here.

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