Is The Fix is In at Lenoir City Schools? Will the TSSAA Continue to Have to Punish Lenoir City and Fulton?

On Thursday May 9, 2024 Item #9 on the this Lenoir City School Board Agenda “Approval to enter into Director of Schools Contract discussions with Dr. Millicent Smith“. No resumes necessary, No applicants to be considered. Just the recommendation of the outgoing Director of Schools.

Remember last February, when Mrs. Smith’s husbands school Fulton basketball girls were playing the Lenoir City Schools girls and a fight broke out, the last two plus minutes were played in an empty gymnasium. The Athletic Director at Fulton along with no one else would comment. Only one parent at Lenoir City would comment, no comment from the Coach, Athletic Director or Director or Assistant Director of Schools as I recall. The TSSAA did fine and level punishment on both schools, as I recall. Is more of the same in store for a hushed, back room deal for the next Director of Schools in Lenoir City?

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Where is the institutional control? Where is the transparency? None with the fight last February. Apparently no transparency with the board on the next Director of Schools at Lenoir City Schools? I am open to hearing any facts that I may have missed.

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