Gibbs Elementary whines about No Cafeteria

The “concerned” uninformed masses in the Gibbs community have begun to whine about not having a cafeteria. Let’s get the facts straight.

The children at Gibbs have a serving line and eat in the gymnasium.

The children west of Gibbs at Cedar Primary and Intermediate do not have a cafeteria. That would mean the the affluent West Knox County, has two schools without cafeteria’s

The difference is that at the two Cedar Bluff’s, they can not use the gymnasium because of Physical Education classes being conducted. So the well to do West Knox County students must eat at their desk. How many of you would want to sit at your desk for 7 hours without an adequate break. Sounds like a violation of federal law to me.

Cedar Bluff Primary was built as a temporary 30 years ago. In January 2004 architectural drawings were presented to the staff and PTA leadership for a NEW Cedar Bluff Primary. Both Cedar Bluff and Gibbs are worthy of replacement. I only wish the whiners would get their facts straight.

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