Should The County Do Business With Businesses That Owe Back Property Taxes

I rarely read comments on knoxnews stories. However, for some reason I decided to look at the comments to this story. It seems that Commissioner Amy Broyles “sun-shined tea room meetings” with other Commissioners has been occurring at a local business that is allegedly behind on their city and county property taxes.

According to knoxnews comment poster “JustAGuy” at 8:25 a.m. this morning, “So, when is Moriarty going to pay his very delinquent property taxes on this same property that these commissioners are using for meetings. City Property Taxes = $13,393 County Property Taxes = $16,449 Does these County Commissioners have anything to do with his non-payment with no consequences?”  Maybe Trustee Duncan’s delinquent tax attorney is pursuing payments! Just Kidding, Maybe!

The question is should the county and in particular county commissioners who decide on issues of business 
compliance like the beer board and all other issues involving the lives of county residents be spending dollars at an establishment that is behind on their obligation to our community? Should the Commissioners find a business that complies with the requirements of operating a business in our community? I am not saying they should or should not, I am asking a question. . 

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1 Response

  1. Anonymous says:

    Read the KNS article.

    Noticed a few things.

    From the commments, the owner has quite a following among the liberals.

    So I guess what their OWS brethren claim as their mantra “the Wall Street rich don't pay their fair share of taxes,” doesn't apply to businesses THEY like. What a shock.

    But if the owner has gotten some leniency on his past due taxes because of who “likes” him, well that could be trouble. I hope it isn't the case, and I hope no one has intervened for him.

    Lastly, I think this is a slippery slope. It's pushing the envelope on open meetings.

    Two commishes ever walk out talking to each other? That would be a violation, right?