Property Assessor Violates Campaign Laws


Today, Property Assessor Phil Ballard set up his campaign inside the City County Building. A violation of campaign laws and an ethics violation. When will the incompetence, back room, good ole boy shenanigans end? Coincidently, the Knox Co Republican Party Chairs daughter works in the Assessors office. Politics gone wild.

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7 Responses

  1. Dean Lewis says:

    Really, Why do you continue to mis-lead the public (or at least those that are uninfomed that read this blog)about the Property Assessor? If you will note from your picture, it doesn’t say anything about Elect or Re-elect, it merely says “Phil Ballard Knox County Property Assessor”. And, as you know, this is his second term, and he is term limited from running for Property Assessor. And, as far as the RP Chairperson’s daughter; she was working in the office several months before her election as chairperson and if all her children work as hard and as well as her, bring them on! Really, Politics gone wild, what are you saying?

  2. BHornback says:

    Dean, why do you not reveal that you are an employee of the Assessor’s office? Also, weren’t you mentioned by the Assessor in staff meetings concerning his, your and Mrs. Turner’s social media exploits? I understand that you must do what he tells you to do, for fear of losing your job. One aspect of the Republican Party Chair being elected was the involvement of the Assessor’s office in her success.

    What part of NO partisan politics in the taxpayers office do you and Ballard not understand? As for the Assessor, I have known him for over 30 years as he is married to one of my relatives,. I know of his actions as a younger man.

  3. Dean Lewis says:

    Brian, I wasn’t aware that to post on your site you must reveal your employer. I posted with my full name, unlike the others. Yes, I am PROUD to serve the citizens of Knox County as an employee of the Property Assessor’s office. In fact, if you want to know more, go to Knox County’s website Property Assessor page and link on senior staff.
    To answer your allegations, no one tells me what to do on my own time. I am not in fear of losing my job by commenting or the lack thereof. As far as the election of the RPC and our office, I have no knowledge, except that where the employees go and their involvement is their own business outside the hours of this office.

  4. BHornback says:

    You do not have to reveal your employer. Especially if you work in a county office that is NOT open and transparent in their actions. While you are accurate that what people do in the off time is not relevant. Unless, it was the employee that Ballard moved due to his off hour DUI charge. It is the public’s business that the office was organizing an off duty “political” function during work hours in OUR (the taxpayers) building while you, Ballard and others are being being paid by US (the taxpayers) to do property assessing. NOT promoting the office holder on an off day, Saturday for political purposes. It is well known that he and others in the assessors office are planning on moving on up by running against and planning to beat Mayor Tim Burchett in 2014 and putting Linda Turner in by County Commission appointment as Property Assessor from 2014-2016

  5. The Shadow says:

    Regardless of the intent or explanation of having campaign tools in a governmental office, the perception is among commoners is that there may be a problem or at least the strong suspicion there is a problem.

  6. The Shadow says:

    And if Ballard is term limited, why would he plan on using a sign that looks like it is designed to promote his name rather than the services of the Property Assesor’s office?

  7. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Well hell far and damnation what did you expect when he got elected, the slogan was a dead giveaway. He got on the ballot and once again the Butter and Egg man got elected again. Transparency is a piece of plastic the schools used for overhead projectors, this clown wouldn’t know transparency from Elmer’s glue. Wrinkles sang the praises of the Murphy’s Oil Soap song until old Wrinkles got the boot, bet you a dime to a doughnut she would sing like a songbird at what she knows now. Paula was forced out by a higher authority and tucked her tail under and left the second floor and never looked back. Open up this clown like a can of Hormel chili, the beans and the gas don’t pass the smell test folks, and he thinks he could win a race for Mayor. My friend Cas Walker would have had a field day with this one, where is the broom and a roll of tissue paper, wipe and sweep this office clean once and for all. You have some very intelligent ladies and gentlemen in this office, but he back hall on the East wing of the second floor belongs at the Chestnut Ridge land fill. Yes I said it, have you went by the residence where the Butter and Egg man lives, a man that makes – not earns- over $100k a year, looks like the scene from Sanford and Sons. Cindy’s parents ran one of the most successful farms in this county, on a bad busy day the her dad made the farm a show place. Cindy, bless your heart for all that you have to sit in silence and work with. That man in just pure lazy, in the office and at home. The butter and egg man is on the county tit and can’t turn it loose. He honestly justifies the County Ford Explorer as a take home car, for what reason, he isn’t certified doesn’t know a West Knox Box from a Weigel’s Farm Store. He tout’s “we miss a few”, yes he missed a few, the short bus from Four Way Inn. Well Linda Turner is a glorified hatful prune that needed to go out with Wrinkles. Have you ever had to deal with her smart mouth? A big bar of Exlax would sure straighten her out quick. Glasses down her nose and her nose up in the air. Nope, don’t see that one coming. Jim Weaver, have you checked his swipe card lately? That white Cadillac SUV in his driveway during work hours. Go talk to his neibors, especially the ones that pay more than their fair share of taxes. County Commission so blind if they appoint Linda Turner as Property Assessor, Ray Charles, Ronnie Milsaps, Helen Keller, and Stevie Wonder could see this smokescreen of an appointment. The Black Wednesday clown will get his day as the County Tit is going dry, and as the old saying goes, TUFF TITTY said the kitty when the milk went dry. The clock is ticking, whats next Phil, a Senator, Congressman or Governor. That free paper can’t tout your praises on this one, and the tire man is running out of options, looks like its back to Insurance Appraisals on Fire Claims. Might want to call on Lumpy’s Mother and see if she will give you a reference. Just like the money on the Pilot gas cards Phil, the tits being cut off not for lack of payment , its now just a lack of options. Go home – clean up the yard, get the dumpster out of driveway, move the abandoned cars, trim the hedges, mow the lawn, do something constructive. The baby sitting service on the second floor will never miss you, turn off the cameras and the video recorders, use your personal computer for Facebook, be careful of what you click as a like, unlike you we have morals.