Tonight’s Council / Mayor Forum in South Knoxville

The attendees of the City Council / City Mayor debate hosted by South Nieghborhood and Business Association and held at the beautiful Woodlawn Christian Church.

WVLT Local 8 Anchor Alan Williams served as Moderator. Here Council Candidates for the At Large Seat A position John Stancil and George Wallace.

City Council At Large Seat B candidates Bill Owen and Marshall Stair. Stair said that a proper balance is that the citizens should elect someone beginning their professional career. A comment was made, should City Council be a position with on the job training?

City Council At Large Seat C candidates Finbarr Saunders and Sharon Welch.

Knoxville Mayoral Candidates Liberal Madeline Rogero and businessman Mark Padgett.

As Mayoral candidate and businessman Mark Padgett concludes his television interviews. Liberal Madeline  staffer Amy Hubbard is on the spot.

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1 Response

  1. jeff_ownby says:

    The reason Amy was their is why? Where is her video camara. Did Madeline release a press release about what Mark said on the interview?

    Oh by the way what a turnout!