Trustee Duncan OUT

Trustee John Duncan appeared before Criminal Court Judge Mary Beth Leibowitz this morning and plead guilty to official misconduct. He has resigned from office.

Kudos to Mike Donila of WBIR for being the first. If it had only happened last week, it would have been Mike Donila of the Big Metal Shed of the Hill. That is karma, people.

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1 Response

  1. LL2 StrikeForce says:

    Donilla breaking the story made Satterfield get to the courthouse as well and actually try to write an objective piece rather than the same old fluff and spin that they usually drape around Duncan III stories. Would like to have seen her ask Congressman Duncan a few questions about his son not finishing the initial term of a job he was elected to do, losing his wife during this first term and throwing two employees into the gutter, but getting a decent paragraph from the KNS is about all they can do in these circumstances.

    Also, we’ve tossed the current trustee but the former trustee is still awaiting trial?