Dr. McIntyre Evaluated Receives a Top Grade – Board Member Fugate Receives an F

This evening the Knox County School Board publicly performed the one duty they are obligated to do. Evaluate the Superintendent of Schools. Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr. came through with flying colors. There were collective concerns about ACT scores, Teacher and School Staff Morale and the ongoing price tag for the Five Year Strategic Plan. His contract was extended another year tonight, extending his employment until 2015.

I applaud Dr. McIntyre on a good to better job of any previous Superintendent in modern history. Better than Hoffmeister, better than Morgan, better than Lindsey. Roy Mullins did a better than good job as interim between Lindsey and McIntyre.

Now, I have read each of the nine board members individual evaluations, the Board’s combined narrative evaluation that was approved tonight. I will read Dr. McIntyre’s 14 page self evaluation later tonight. However, when it comes to fulfilling their job performance on the evaluations. We must remember that three School Board members were late turning in their evaluations, needing a 2 day extension that was approved by the board as a whole. The three board members were Lynn Fugate of District 4, Pam Trainor of District 9 and Chair Indya Kincannon of District 2. The three evaluations that were the most interesting to me. Lynn Fugate submitted a one page evaluation, FOUR paragraphs (one half paragraph that she copied from Dr. McIntyre’s self evaluation) Fugate did not follow the form of four questions that were approved by the board. She clearly earned an F in her work. Kincannon spent a considerable amount of time discussing only her own districts school performance. Which is interesting in that she spends time saying that the board must consider the school district in it’s entirety. Trainor submitted a lot of verbiage that really didn’t seem to make a coherent point. She spent a lot of space referring back to her PTA position and not from her current school board position.

The best all around evaluation goes to Thomas Deakins of District 6. He considered the district as a whole and presented the data prior to his conclusion. Cindy Buttry of District 3, Gloria Deatheridge of District 1 and Kim Sepesi of District 7 were good all around evaluations.

Congratulations Dr. McIntyre. While Board Members Fugate, Trainor and Kincannon need to do a better job next year.

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