What Say Spanky Brown now?

Knoxville based comedian Spanky Brown had some unflattering things to say about Knoxville and the people that attended the Knoxville Dave Chappelle show back in June.

In the June 27, 2013 print product produced by the Big Metal Shed on the Hill reported.

“I heard it was 40 people that got kicked out,” Knoxville comic Spanky Brown who opened for Chappelle, said Wednesday “I didn’t feel pity for Dave, I felt embarrassed for the town.”

Brown went on to say,

“Nobody can come here because the crowd is too ignorant or unruly,” Brown said.

Now, that same treatment hit Chapelle last night in Connecticut. I contend it isn’t the crowd, but Chapelle. Probably time to stop his routine. Of course I wouldn’t pay to see Chapelle. Now, after Brown’s condescending irreverent remark about Knoxville and East Tennesseans, I wouldn’t waste a free ticket to see him.

Read the story about last night in Connecticut here.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t a staged event to build up Chappelle and Brown. A little sympathy to sell more seats.

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