Madeline Says YES to Scattered Housing for YOUR Neighborhood

From a Mayoral Forum this week at Harvest Park. The question was do you support scattered or central housing for the homeless. Hear the difference in two of the five candidates.

Mayoral Candidate Ivan Harmon says NO!

Mayoral Candidate Madeline Rogero says YES to scattered housing because Fourth and Gill has them now and the City of Knoxville doesn’t own the property. So, if you do not live in Fourth and Gill and you want to protect your neighborhood. Cast a vote for someone else for Mayor.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who does Madeline think the Federal money comes from? This money wether it is Federal, State, or Local is tax payer money. Here is another clue Madeline all GOVERNMENTS ARE BROKE!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That proves if Madeline Rogero becomes Mayor you may have a homeless center next to your home. And it will be a wet shelter where they can drink to their hearts content. This is so stupid. She cares more about drunks and drug addicts than neighborhoods.

    When a ship sinks they say “women and children first”. They don't say “drunks and drug addicts first”.