School Board Encouraged to Meet and Create Deals!

JIm McClain, former Knox County School Board Member and vocal supporter of Madeline Rogero addressed the Knox County School Board tonight opposing Mayor Burchett’s Carter Elementary School proposal. His rationale was that the board had not negotiated with the Mayor. He advocated that the board postpone the Carter Elementary School issue and go to the Mayor and say if you want this (Carter) project, well we want (fill in the blank) for our communities.
Those individuals observing the McClain meltdown were wondering where McClain left his brain. In the days of Knox County where the media demand and hold accountable elected officials to conduct the peoples business in an open and transparent process. In an era where Superintendent McIntyre has established new procedures (like the architect selection on Southwest Elementary) in an open and transparent process. McClain is advocating a return to the era where he was a high school principal and Earl Hoffmeister was Superintendent.

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