South Knox School Board Race Just Got Legit

Saturday I opined about a Pam Trainor and Jim McClain race for School Board over in South Knoxville. Well, today that race got legit. Retired Teacher and Former South Knox County Teacher Larry Clark picked up a petition. The thing that makes Clark legit is that he knows public education, he has no axe to grind with the pro Chamber crowd or the anti Chamber crowd. He will represent the citizens of South Knoxville professionally, responsibly and without bias.

In other news, Halls Elementary School Librarian Amber Rountree also picked up a petition to run for the same seat as Clark, Trainor and McClain. If the opinion of TN Election Coordinator Mark Goins still holds Rountree can run, however, if successful MUST resign for employment with the school district. The income of a school board member of $20,000 +/- in exchange for a librarians salary?

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10 Responses

  1. The Shadow says:

    If his wife works for Central Office, so will he.

    And she still does, at about $50 an hour, along with retirement, I guess.

  2. The Shadow says:

    Sorry, she’s making $49.33 under Dr. McIntyre.

    You think her husband will buck the superintendent who’s paying his wife that much?

    Fat chance.

  3. BHornback says:

    How does Rountree go from a librarian salary to $20,000 +/- with NO insurance?

    • The Shadow says:

      Wife’s salary and insurance? I have no idea.

    • john says:

      some people are motivated by things other than money. like service and doing good. its only subscribers to particular political ideologies that hold that public service and doing good should be incentivised by large payoffs. and that people don’t want to do good if they aren’t on the cover of GQ magazine or earning millions a year.

      of course in a truly free society, the answer to your question is that it is none of your business how she handles her personal finances. She has a job and is qualified to run and to serve and that’s all you little busybodies need to know. The only bits of economic info on a School Board candidate that you really need is whether or not they have been convicted of fraud or gone into bankruptcy.

      i am curious, did you ask the same question when your boy Haslam dropped out of the private sector to be mayor and governor? what about any other Board member or County commissioner that took a pay cut to serve the public?

      your question reeks of moral superiority, nosiness, and the typical suburbanite attitude that someone elses income level is your business when it actually is not.

      • BHornback says:

        Well clearly John you are a Johnny Come Lately to BrianHornback.Com because if you had been around a little longer than this issue you would know that Haslam is not my boy. In fact, you would find if you spent more than 45 seconds of a search here that I have been the constant questioner of Haslam before Metro Pulse, Knox News Sentinel or even the tv stations in nashville.

        So, while your close proximity to this particular issue may shade your response and comment. I would suggest that you research the very website that you are accusing. Because with this comment Johnny. Your glove doesn’t fit, so you must —– (you can finish the line).

  4. ASummers says:

    Amber Roundtree isn’t listed as the librarian at Halls Elementary, middle, or high schools.

  5. When will they learn? says:

    All I know is this, Pam Trainor is a disgrace:

    How did she ever get elected in the first place?