Cedar Bluff – What Have You Done? You Only Have One REAL Choice for County Commission, Randy Smith

In the Knox County redistricting of district lines a couple of years ago the Cedar Bluff community got kicked to the (curb, hey) third district from the previous Fifth District. So, they inherited Tony Norman. Tony Norman was term limited and lo and behold they have a County Commission election. The Early Voting just started today for the March 6 Republican Primary. No Democrat is running in their Primary. So, you Cedar Bluff Democrats missed the launch of the boat. Some of you Cedar Bluff Democrats, I (heart) you, especially Suzy, she is dedicated and passionate about her party.

So, there’s two guys running that are NOT Cedar Bluffers. I could and will digress by saying apparently the mind thought is if the name ain’t Leuthold, you can’t serve on County Commission. ok, I am getting off the soap box.

You Cedar Bluffers need help and I (a Bluegrass guy) is here to help you again. Remember, I helped you get the plans for that NEW Cedar Bluff School. But my predecessor decided you all like a cracker box with kids stuffed in one box. My plan had a new Primary and a renovated new Intermediate. But now you have a shack (Intermediate) that is rooting with a bunch of storage and crap in it. But I digress again.

So, Cedar Bluff voters in precincts 67, 68 and 68E that vote at Cedar Bluff Middle now join the precinct voters of Bearden Middle and Lonas 55 that vote at Bearden Middle the precinct voters of Ridgedale Elementary, the precinct voters of Norwood Elementary and finally the precinct voters of West Haven Elementary. All you all proud?

You have two candidates to choose from. Let’s go in alphabetical order.

Randy Smith, a local Realtor and Entrepreneur of a family owned Woodsmith market and Woodsmith Real Estate. Here is a link to a 2008 news story about that business. Smith decided it was time to find a job and he applied with Knox County and because of his education, work experience he was hired in the county’s Risk Management Department. In his time there he interacts with all departments in Knox County. Smith is married, his wife Sharon and he are raising a 13 year old son. The Smith’s are members of West Haven Baptist. Smith graduated from Bearden High School and the University of TN Knoxville with a degree in business administration. He served on the Knox County Charter Review Committee in 2012. Smith pledges to work to Maintain low taxes and Foster economic and job growth. The Smith campaign is maintaining a Facebook page here.

Billy Stephens, does not appear to have a Facebook page or a website. I talked with Stephens early on in the campaign. He said that he needed to talk with his campaign manager. When I asked who he was using as a campaign manager. He preferred not to identify the person. Sources have told me that Former Knox County School Board Member D.M. Miller is his campaign manager. Although, that is not confirmed.

I have watched the candidates when they appeared on WBIR’s Inside Tennessee and Mr. Stephen was very vague about his campaign platform. In reviewing the financial disclosures of both candidates. Many questions on Stephens ability to understand the county budget surround him. First, the financial disclosure has a signature of the candidate and where the Treasurer is to sign the word SAME is printed. No one witnessed the two signature. I believe that if Knox County Election Administrator Cliff Rodgers were to ask the State of Tennessee Registry of Election Finance they would likely determine that this disclosure is incomplete and consider it as not turned in. Which would mean that fines would be assessed from the date it was supposed to be turned in until it is corrected. That is my safe bet. He turned it in 3 days early, but it is incomplete. That is not all.

On page 2, he shows $80 in Un-itemized contributions and no other contributions. However, on page 3 he shows a $250 contribution from John Collins, it is not listed as an itemized contribution on the summary page 2.

On the summary page he list $150.59 in un-itemized expenditures and $2939.79 of itemized expenditures for a total of $3,089.79 However, he only itemized $2,789.92 in expenditures. Parrott Printing for $634.20 for yard signs, wires and banner. Then $2,155.00 to Cyragon, LLC for post card mail out. Where that $151.31 in itemized expenditures is no one can determine from his financial disclosure.

Stephens has no in kind contributions. He shows he spent $3,089.79 and only raised $80 maybe $330.00. He is showing that he loaned himself $4,000.00 However, on page 1 of 7 he says he has receipts of $2,939.79 no disbursements and no balance on hand. But with a $4,000 loan and $3,089.79 he should have $910.21.

Do you really want this guy dealing with your tax dollars? Do you really want him to give the school board two thirds of Knox County tax dollars? If the new third district elects this guy, I will ask that Peninsula be reopened and the entire third district be it’s patients.

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