Hunnicutt’s Timing Is Bad

We all have issues keeping all our financial debts from consuming every moment and second of our lives. But timing for Jason Hunnicutt sucks. It seems Reports, Inc aka East TN Children’s Hospital had filed a civil matter on him. My sources indicate the filing was on April 1 with a potential hearing date for early May, but maybe early after the May 6 Republican Primary where he faces Mike Hammond and Steve Williams.

We have all been there, unfortunately when you put your name put there it gets magnified.

Visit Steve Williams Here

Mike Hammond for Clerk

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1 Response

  1. Elmer Henderlight says:

    Well great day in the morning… It’s Good Friday and Easter is days away, with this being said I am going to have choose my words carefully. This just takes the cake and all the frosting away and leaves nothing but the nuts. Now a group of people that call themselves a credentials committee obviously never completed their background check. So glad this ones not my mistake as these people are dropping like flies before the election. This office already has too many issues with the clerk with accountability and now this. I am sorry for this young mans financial issues as the economy is tough and the amount could be very little or a large sum. The principle of the issue is this isn’t acceptable to someone whom wants to be the clerk. Get this mess fixed and behind you and try again another time feller. You have a future before you.

    When are the good folks of Knox County going to listen to old Elmer and his predictions. I am wise for my years and I can judge a man or woman on their character where the Republican credentials committee cannot get their head out of their collective ass. People we have had our fair share of idiots in Knox County government before black Wednesday. Let’s not put Earl Shibe paint job on the criminal court clerks office nor any elected office and our government. Proven leadership is as obvious as a goats ass don’t make another mistake again.