Shopper Continues Bias Reporting

Betty Bean over at the Shopper wrote an article (that was published on Monday) stating that Knox County is retaliating toward James McMillan. It was even linked over on the local liberal blog. Evidently Larry Van Guilder had to finish the story for Bean later in the week. So, the article states that they contacted Knox County and had not received a response. This is not accurate, a response was given to the Shopper on Friday (an E.W. Scripps publication, the parent company of the New Sentinel) by Knox County acting Director of Engineering and Public Works Dwight Van de Vate. However, the Shopper contacted Van de Vate that the response was not received prior to their deadline. The problem is that Betty Bean contacted Van de Vate and not the media contact Michael Grider of the Knox County Mayor’s Office. Was this intentional on Bean’s part? In my opinion, probably. Had she contacted Grider and explained when her deadline was, then a comment would have been received in a timely manner. I contacted Michael Grider with the Knox County Mayor’s Office. He said that they did comment and that a meeting with the Mayor, Mr. McMillan and Rene Hoyos is scheduled. In my opinion, the Mayor’s office is taking the high road.

It was not lost on me that Betty Bean has been a vocal supporter and writer of all good things for James McMillan’s failed bid for County Commission. Also, Betty Bean within the last four weeks Bean has reported that Rene Hoyos was the only candidate for the interim City Council position to replace Bob Becker. Publishing this erronious report with the fact that Chuck Williams was the first announced candidate. When the day of voting came Rene Hoyos received no votes for the position that Bean stated she was the only candidate for.

When will E.W. Scripps put a stop to the renegade bias ramblings of Sandra Clark and Betty Bean? If this were a baseball game, they would have already struck out all 9 innings by now.

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