Is It finally My Time?

A former City of Knoxville Mayor reports in the weekly sales circular wrapper that Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.’s opponent from last year is officially implementing the Rick Briggs strategy, moving into a district that is perceived to be winnable. It seems the Congressman’s former opponent in an interview last year said he spent about 5 years in post secondary education and was a year away from a degree.

So, according to a former Knoxville Mayor the Congressman’s opponent has returned to the Knoxville campus of Tusculm College where he appears to be completing a degree. His current status would be a Senior at Tusculm. (Save your hate messages, that was a tongue in cheek joke)

The interesting part of the column by a former Mayor is that the Congressman’s opponent is reported, “if elected he would anticipate running for the full two-year term in November 2016.” The “if elected” is referring to this summers special election. The young Tusculm student has apparently forgotten that the Republican primary is in August 2016 and he would have to win that before being on the ballot in November 2016.

So, amateur hour is still alive and well.

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