Knox County Legislative Delegation and Rep. Jeremy Durham

On Christmas Eve morning, I emailed all the Republican TN House members of the Knox County Legislative Delegation about the reports about Rep. Jeremy Durham (R-Franklin) He faced a Grand Jury panel that chose not to indict him over alleged prescription fraud.

In addition to that, he has apparently written a letter asking for a lighter sentence for someone with child pornography charges. Now, Durham is the House RepublIvan Whip. It is his job to work to get all the incumbents reele and to recruit Republicans to challenge Democrats.

Does the TN HouSe members really want to stand beside someone in TN House Republican leadership that is/was a supporter of a child pornographer? That is what I asked all the Knox County legislative delegation.


I am working on a news story on BrianHornback.Com about the January 12, 2016 Republican Caucus meeting concerning the future of House Republican Whip Jeremy Durham being in TN Republican leadership.
My question is… light of not only the non indictment of Rep. Durham but also in light of his authorship of a letter asking for sentencing leniency of someone charged with (and presumably found guilty of) child pornography (as has been reported) will you vote to keep him in TN Republican leadership?
I have only heard back from Rep. Bill Dunn. I will wait until they all respond and will report to you their views.

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