Commissioner Wright Violates County Law

County Commissioner Dave Wright of East Knox County’s Eighth District is violating the Knox County Code. The Knox County Code specifically spells out when and how political yard signs are to be placed on the county right of ways. Wright this weekend began placing 4×4 signs through out the district. There is one at Midway Road and Thorngrove Pike. The county code states that a sign “cannot be displayed for more than 30 days”. The election is May 4, 2010 which would mean that any sign placed on right of way property prior to April 5, 2010 is in violation of the Knox County Code. The code which is located on the knoxvotes website here is below for your review, in addition the sign Code for the City of Knoxville and the Town of Farragut is located at the website.

The Knox County Highway Department permits political signs to be placed temporarily at, near, or in the county right-of-way in accordance with Knox County Zoning Regulation 3.90.02(F) without securing a building permit. Signs that obstruct visibility, in any manner, will be removed. If there are questions, call 215-2325.

A candidate’s temporary sign cannot be larger than 32 square feet in size, cannot be displayed for more than 30 days, and must be removed within 5 days following the election.

Temporary signs cannot be erected at the intersection of any street so as to obstruct free and clear vision, be confused with any authorized traffic sign, signal, or device, or be located in any required parking space.

A portable sign cannot be considered or utilized as a temporary sign.

At the conclusion of a primary, general or special election, candidates are responsible for the removal of any signs, posters, or placards advocating their candidacy that have been placed on highway right-of-ways or other publicly-owned property. The removal of such materials shall be accomplished within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed three (3) weeks.

A candidate in a primary election who will be a candidate in the following general election will not be required to remove any signs until the conclusion of the general or special election.

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3 Responses

  1. Alan Summers says:

    There are more candidates out there in violation. There have been Hutchison and Williams signs in Halls for a couple of weeks now.

  2. Spencer says:

    Mousey Dave Wright did the last election but did anybody speak up? No

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mousey Dave Wright did this last election. Did anybody speak out about it then? No. He bullied his way into places without asking. Very Rude Commissioner to be such mouse! Has anyone ever heard him speak? He might as well be the Ghost Comissioner!