Knox County Charter Review Committee List for 2020 Updates and Revisions.

Here is the list of the Charter Review Committee that the Knox County Commission will approve on Monday December 16, 2019.

Knox County Commissioners, excluding the At Large seat 10 and 11 commissioners:

1.Evelyn Gill
2. Michele Carringer
3. Randy Smith
4. Hugh Nystrom
5. John Schoonmaker
6. Brad Anders
7. Charles Busler
8. Richie Beeler

9. Carson Dailey

County Commissioners’ nominations to Charter Review Committee

1.Gill – Jered Croom, Director of housing for Positively Living.
2. Carringer – Dan Davis, former 2017 Knoxville City Council candidate, employed at Knoxville/Knox County 911
3. Smith – James Corcoran, Attorney and Republican State Executive Committeeman
4. Nystrom – John Gill, formerly Special Counsel to former Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols
5. Schoonmaker – Bill Johns, Farragut Community Activist and Founder of Farragut Gun Club
6. Anders – Gary Drinnen, former Campaign Manager of Eddie Mannis and campaign consultant to Anders 2018 County Mayor race.
7. Busler – Sandra Sexton
8. Beeler – Lisa Starbuck, Community Activist. Computer Consultant at Aobe Network Group
9. Dailey – Barry Neal, Republican Activist and an employee of UT Conferences & Non credit programs


Mayor Glenn Jacob’s nominations to Charter Review Committee
1. Sam McKenzie, Former Knox County Commissioner and PPU ESH&Q Manager at Oak Ridge National Lab
2. Amanda Benedict, Mayor Jacobs Constituent Services Director
3. Mark Mamantov, Knox County’s Bond Counsel
4. Scott Davis, Former Knox County Commissioner, President of Eagle Bend Development and Chairman of the Public Building Authority.
5. Mike Arms, Former Knox County Commissioner and Former Chief of Staff of Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, In this October 23, 2018 daily paper article, it is reported that Arms put the TVA East Tower deal together. “Mike Arms, a political strategist who used to serve as chief of staff to former Mayor Mike Ragsdale, helped broker the meeting. He said Johnson told Jacobs he’d love to have the school system as a neighbor. Arms said the county tried to sell the AJ Building nearly 15 years ago during Ragsdale’s tenure, but commission balked at the idea. “The fact that one of the towers is now available, it looks like all the stars are aligning and why everyone’s not excited about doing this I’m not sure,” he said.

6. Daniel Herrera, Law student and political campaign worker
7. Rachel Sanders,
8. John Valiant, Attorney and the Attorney representing Mayor Jacobs in a current lawsuit by 10 citizens challenging the County’s Uniformed Officers Pension
9. Nick Pavlis, Former Knoxville City Council member




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1 Response

  1. Where my GOP? says:

    So sad that Mike Ragsdale is the real Mayor behind the throne. Never seen so much conflict of interest as this. Glenn Jacobs puts Ragsdale’s partner Mike Arms on the Charter Review Committee? Can you make it any more obvious?

    Glenn is kidding himself if he thinks there will ever be an appointed Law Director. This will end badly for Glenn. Do a Google search Buddy, this is like Metro Gov. Which Glenn thought was a great idea until everyone told him what a bad idea it was. Out of touch. Bad advice. Ragsdale Pawn.