Kelvin Moxley Answers Ford Controversy. Sort Of.

UPDATE: Brian’s Blog has received many emails about this post. One email said “Is Kelvin saying that the Congressman Ford voted for the bill, before he voted against it.” I guess that is a Democrat answer first used by John Kerry. Congressman Ford was a Tennessee leader in the John Kerry campaign. Brian’s Blog has received some comments about this post that do not meet the comment requirements to be approved for publication. Please see the Rules of Engagement for Commenting, below the links. The most recently rejected comment, was not on topic. Keep your comments on the post that you are wishing to comment on and it will be published. Divert from the subject matter and your comment has the probabibility to be rejected. While visiting this forum, if you chose to comment then Follow the Rules of Engagement for Commenting.

Also, Brian’s Blog sources indicate that The Voice host Lloyd Daugherty said yesterday that they had a technical glitch and lost my call. What happened is that there was a terrible feedback problem during the call. I was still on the air for a period of time. My call was taken from the on air status, the producer came on the phone apologized to me and said he didn’t know what had happened and thanked me for the call and the call ended, not on my part. I was and am prepared to discuss the Congressman’s voting record anytime, anywhere. Give me 10 hours notice.

In response to this Brian’s Blog post. Kelvin Moxley said on the air that Harold Ford voted for the first Patriot Act, but, not the Re-Authorization. Well, Duh Huh, Kelvin. Listen to the show, Ford is screaming over my statement about the Re-Authorization. I quoted Chapter and Verse exactly what you read. Ford said it was a lie. So, now Kelvin has acknowledged his guest, Congressman Ford has lied about his own voting record.

We are still waiting for Ford to do his research and admit that he doesn’t even know how he voted. Was the Congressman even the one that cast the votes or did he let Nancy Pelosi vote on his behalf.

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