Northeast Knox County, Your Access Is About to Be Limited! Make Your Voice HEARD

Knox County Government is about to close Old Tazewell Pike (limiting “we the people” to freely travel about our community) read it here from Knox County Commission agenda. It was noticed in April, was scheduled for May, and July and “the can has been kicked down the road”so that now one could likely assume they have the votes to do it (close the access) to the people.

The area Commissioner Rich Beeler is having a meeting this Thursday night at 5 pm at an area neighborhood clubhouse to “discuss the closure”. Apparently, the comments from people at the Commission meeting public forums asking Knox County NOT to do it was not enough. Note ”discuss the closure” as if the decision has been made even before the Knox County Commission votes on September 26, 2022.

I encourage the community to show up and show out your opinion (either way) about this decision. It is ”our community”, these Commissioners and elected officials are to do what ”we the people” tell them too.

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