A Sampling of the Write-Ins on the Other Races in the November 7, 2023 City of Knoxville, TN General Election

at Large Seat B 87 write-in votes, 7 pages.

A sampling of the write-in votes; Christoper Scott Irwin, Marshall Stair, A Conservative, Nickolas Lee-Ray Miller, Jesse Watters, Robert Booker, Chris Winn, Matthew Best, Charles E Thomas, Donald Keith, No Confidence, William Chrisman, Titus E Williams, Blinky, James Asbury, Potatoes Browning, Kenneth A Stark, Kimberly T Smith, Bob Yarbrough, Greg Smith, Victor Ashe, David Williams, Sandy Gillespie, Jason Honeycutt, Mark Campen, Wilson Nolan Sherrill, Robert (Bob) Petrone, Nick Moran, Alan Ferency, None, Mary Elizabeth Mull, Janet Testerman, Mike Rowe, Wesley Swaggerty, Jeff Talman, Stacy Dunn, William Braxton Brewer, Another Option, Smokey, none, Pete Drew, Shawn Bradley Snipes, Constance Every, Free Palestine, Debbie Ogle, Stephen S. Helton, Zacaria J Negron, Leslie erez, NOTA, James Saulsbury, Barney Rubble, Fletcher Haverkamp, R Bentley Marlow, Melynda Whetsel, Doug Lawyer.

at Large Seat C 49 write-in votes, 4 pages.

A sampling of the Write-in votes: Matthew Best, Finbarr Saunders, Andre Canty, Lawrence Jones, Danny Mayfield, Darin Worsham, Meg McMuffin, Jack Neely, Bam Bam, Jack Vaughan, Kelly Absher, KIm Trent, Katherine Harp, Angel Brewer, Mike Frede, none of the above, Rob Travis, Thomas R UNderwood, Gwen Hall.

City Council Fifth District 478 write in vote, 37 pages.

A sampling of the write-in votes: Nope, Meg McMuffin, Michael R Markhan, Brent Watson, Donald J Trump, Joe Melton III, Elvis, A Conservative, A. Parker, George Raudenbush, Rachel Campus Duffey, Don Bosch, Tyler Givens, Tyler Caviness, Chris Winn, Brian Hornback, Zach Wishart, Luis Rodriguez, Michelle Ivester, Patsy White, Shamir Peshewa, Nikki Lyons, anyone else, Josiah Popp, David Garrett, Jr., Anybody Else, Peter Ullrich, Michael Darby, Anyone Under 40, Carl Winters, Matt Sharp, No one, Hannah Freeman, Donald Duck, Tamara McMillan, Ned McWherter, Jen McMahan, No Confidence, William Chrisman, Titus E. Williams, Buddy Velastro, Bernadette West, Tarlton Atkinson, Cameron Brooks, Johnnie Taylor, Anthony Dean, Kenneth A McBride, Elmer Fudd, Randy Boyd, Jody Collins, Matthew Best, June Caldwell, Seth Smith, Other, Kenneth A Stark, NA, Danny Mayfield, Chris Marion, Martha Johnson, Casey Irwin, Mickey Mouse, Phil Williams, Shaun Davis, Lisa J Smith, Martha Boggs, James Madison, Brandon Mischlich, Beth Sherill, Brian Liebenow, Brad Mayes, Jane Roberts, Jason Honeycutt, Elaine Reed, Helen Smith, PhD, Scooby Doo, Molly Conway, Ron Silvera, Kevin McDonald, Andrew Dison, other, Jeff Tallman, Harry Potter, Unapproved Unacceptable, Jack Kirkland, Greg Smith, Mike Hatcher, Martin Daniel, Kevin M. Blue, Bob Rountree, Kimberly Parton, I’ll choose Bart Simpson over, Alan Witt, Mike Hatcher, Sam Maynard, Russ Ford, Milo Rountree, Molly Conaway, Susie Kass, Kendra Rudder, R.B. Morris, John Scopes, Tyler Allen, Robert Culbertson, Theodore L. Rose, Michael T. Cabage, Tim Wilson, John Pryor, Shirley R Bunting, Amelia Parker, Stephen A Burroughs, Kyle Crownover, Linus the Cat, Jaxx Fox, Dr. Unopposed, Michael kaplan, Dawn Holmes, Bart Simpson, Jeremy Meleon, Scott Schimmel, Jonathan Barnes, Chyna Brackeen, Jaosn Bintz, No Vote, Marshall Wilkens, Daniel Dunn, Mickey Mouse, Another Option, Casey Self, Howard Vogel, Noah Irwin, Michael Woods, Smokey, Carol Blair, Stacy Sumter, Laura Lambert, Colin Woods, Rebecca A Franklin, J. Sabrina DeVault-Green, Stacy Sumter, Paul McCartney, Premier, Mark G. Quist, Jake Burns, Bob Booker, Stop Genocide, Dr. Shiva, Chris Kent, Matt Morelock, Loel Stein, Constance Every, Kristie Lee, Jesus, Stephen S Helton, Marvin Thomas, Josh Huepel. Chris Freeman, Mary Riply, Madeline Rogero, Willie Nelson, Anyone not Republican, Amanda Lovingood, Victor Ass, Private Parts, Psalm 22:28, Nikki Lynn, Dolly Parton, Barbara Cook, Sherrie Garrett, Barney Five, The Obama Agenda, Shrek, Charles Al-Bawi, Josh Ward, Annie Oakley, Tommy Smith, Indya Kincannon, Andrew Beamer, Scott Barker and Anabel Henley.

Municipal Judge 51 write-in votes on 4 pages.

A sampling of the write-ins are Nickolas Lee-Ray Miller, Peter Heyseth, Mary L Ward, Chris Winn, Andrew Beamer, Gary L Shelby, Sr., Khadijah Babb, Charles E. Thomas, Any Democrat, Pegliacci, Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber, Mary Welch, None of the Above, Charles P. Cummings, Peter E. Young, other, David Daugherty, Kermit the frog, Wesly Swaggerty, Benny Smith, Clarence Thomas, Will Brewer, Homer J Simpson, Misty Mayes, Dr. Shiva, Molly E Paone, General sam Jackson, Free Palestine and Gore Vidal.

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