Where has Brian been?

I am sorry that it has been a while since I last posted. I have been in Florida for quite a while and just could not bring myself to leave the white sandy beaches, green blue water of the Gulf of Mexico and 82 degrees to hook up my laptop. It was an interesting drive home with a shirt, no socks, a pair of birkenstock’s and shorts. In Jackson, GA it was cool, by the time we stopped in Athens, TN it was down right cold. The life of private citizen, husband, father, businessman is much nicer than elected official. I can communicate via cell phone, arrange meetings around mini vacations, holidays etc.

I spent a lot of time reading. Look for future post, on a business book entitled “Sacred Cows make the best burgers” Good to Great by Jim Collins really revolutionized my thinking. Sacred Cows will move me in new directions with my business.

Stay tuned.

Dude I need to get back to Florida, it’s getting cold

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